SGS Report
Indoor Climate and Microbiological Air Research - Nov. 2020

On November 3, 2020 SGS carried out an Indoor Climate and Microbiological Research in a nursing home in Gouda, the Netherlands. SGS is the world leader in inspection, control, analysis and certification.

Our goal was to gain insight into the influence of our air purifiers on the indoor climate and to test the microbiological air quality and hygiene aspects. For this test a UV-Photocatalytic Disinfection and Air Purifier from R-Filter was used.

The result was astonishing!

Within 2 hours, a 31% decrease in particulate matter and a 40% decrease in bacteria were already measured.

It can be stated that after a running time of 2 hours, our air purifier significantly decreased the content of particulate matter and microbiological organisms. Certain fungi, such as the Aspergillus niger, had even completely disappeared.

Read the full report below.

SGS Report
SGS Report