UVH 50

Eliminate airborne micro-organisms, like viruses, bacteria and fungi, while also removing odors.

This innovative device can be used in any room (washrooms, bathrooms, saunas, dressing rooms, workshops, service areas, gyms and accommodations)

Filter out and dispose of microbial pathogens and unpleasant odors that may pose a risk to human health. Removing airborne bacteria and viruses and prevent them from settling on surfaces and being spread by touching them.

Functional Principle

To eliminate the airborne micro-organisms (viruses, bacteria, fungi) and odors in the indoor air, there are two technologies in the R-Filter air purifier UVH-50.

PCO (PhotoCatalytic Oxidation):

The air circulated through the fan passes through the device by touching the photocatalyst plates. The plates are excited by UV light, whereupon the catalyst surfaces are activated and produce highly reactive hydroxyl radicals and superoxide ions. These ions destroy viruses, bacteria and micro-organisms in the air through oxidation.

UVGI (Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation):  

The applied germicidal lamp is a special UV-C light source. The short-wavelength ultraviolet light in the UV-reactor chamber kill or inactivate microorganisms by disrupting their DNA. The applied UV light source is used also to activate the photocatalyst.

On the TiO₂ coating surface the following air purification process takes place:


The coating is a semiconductor and when light of a certain wavelength strikes the surface of the  titanium dioxide, electrons (e–) are transferred from the valence band to the conduction band. 


At the same time, electron holes (h+) are formed in the valence band. The holes oxidize strongly, while the electrons have a strong reducing effect. From the water arise highly reactive hydroxyl radicals (·OH) and from the atmospheric oxygen reactive superoxide radicals (·O₂ˉ).


As a result, the pollutants are decomposed. The ultraviolet rays change the DNA structure of microorganisms and cause their destruction. Microbes and organics will be mineralized to water and carbon dioxide.

"Sectional view" about the degradation of VOC:

UVH 50 - Advantages of use
  • Synergistic effect of dual process (UVGI and PCO)

  • UV / TiO₂ technology

  • Outstanding disisfecting and deodorizing effect

  • Removes airborne bacteria and viruses

  • Chemical- and ozone-free

  • Motion sensor switches automatically

  • Stainless steel cover plate

  • Minimal maintenance effort

  • 18 months warranty